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Does Your Business Need a Book?

You might think our answer to this question would be an emphatic YES, but you'd be wrong. The truth is not every business needs a book. However, we do think that if your business has you and your team speaking at events, if your business has a very clear message to deliver to a specific audience, and if your business is looking to expand it's reach and credibility, then you should absolutely consider it!

Here are some wise words from award-winning business book author and entrepreneur, John Wessinger. His book, Ride the Wave: How to Embrace Change and Create a Powerful New Relationship With Risk has won several awards and has opened up possibilities for him in all kinds of ways. He says, 

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“Becoming an author and writing a book has really helped my marketing and sales consulting business. The book has allowed me to market myself and my business in a way that goes beyond just offering basic products or services.  With a book you can go much deeper and really present your specific take on an aspect of business. It’s been a great way to communicate my business principles or my beliefs about business and do it in a way that allows potential clients or customers to connect with my ideas in a new or different way.  It’s also allowed me to offer a much wider variety of products and services. With the book, I’ve been able to offer workshops, keynote presentations and do events that I really wasn’t doing before.  I was somewhat limited to offering consulting services and monetizing my time, but now I can offer services that are connected to the book and it has helped to bring some variety to how I can support clients. And overall, I just think my book has really helped to build credibility within my professional network. Being recognized as an author has been a great way to introduce myself to new connections, but has also lead to new contacts reaching out to connect with me directly about my book or my business as well. I’ve noticed that to be the biggest change and one of the best parts about having a book.”


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