How to Market Your Book in the Summer: A Quick Guide

Summer might seem like it would pose challenges in the book marketing process, but if you get creative, it can be an incredibly fruitful season. Here are some “hot” tips and tricks for marketing your book during those warm summer months.

Marketing to Vacationers

Everyone loves a good beach book! And everyone going on vacation during the summer wants to find that perfect story to keep them entertained while they sit back, relax, and soak up the sun. Focus on using pitches to highlight how your book is this perfect story.

Phrases like “steamy romance novel,” “thrilling mystery,” and “feel-good story” all conjure images of enjoyment for readers, and will make them more inclined to bring your book along if they want to be engaged while reading on the beach. Figure out what makes your book stand out from others in the captivation department and watch your sales jump!

Marketing for Holidays

Another way to fit your book into the summer season is to connect it to summer holidays, primarily the Fourth of July. Got an in-depth investigation of Washington’s time at Valley Forge? Sell the Independence Day side of the story. Does your main character have an affinity for pyrotechnics? Emphasize how much they would love to see fireworks during the holiday.

You can also look at how your book might connect to popular events during summer months, such as Pride Week in June, or the Summer Olympics. If you’ve got any control over the publication date, try to have your book launch line up with the timing of relatable holidays or events.

Marketing for the Climate

Certain activities are much more accessible during the summertime, such as gardening, swimming, and cookouts. There are a lot of ways you can market your book by showcasing its relevance to these activities. Cookbooks for the outdoors, stories about mermaids or ocean life, guidebooks on urban agriculture, memoirs that reflect on the beauty and joy of camping -- the options are endless.

One last note - don’t be afraid to promote your book wherever you are! Bring along a copy of it to the restaurant you’re eating at; someone might ask about it. If you’re traveling, be sure to bring some promotional materials along, just in case someone asks what you do. You never know who might be interested.