Four Great Books for Spring!

The holidays just passed, and it can feel like you’ve used all of your creative gift ideas. We’re here to help you shake up your gift-giving with four books that will make a perfect gift for that special person in your life.


Getting Unstuck: A Guide to Moving Your Career Forward, by Meredith Crosby is the perfect book for the hardworking women in your life. Written by a woman who has worked her way up many corporate ladders (including working for McDonald’s, 3M, and Comcast), this book gives real, concrete advice on moving your career forward. Full of personal anecdotes and advice from her mentors, this book will help your loved one keep her career momentum going.


Better Parenting: A Guide for Somali Parents in the Diaspora, by Ruqia Abdi is the perfect book for first-generation parents. Parenting is never easy, but parenting second-generation children adds an extra level of challenge. This book helps parents learn to balance American culture while still upholding the values of their family’s heritage. This insightful book blends research, a deep understanding of community, and personal experience to offer a useful guide for Somali parents.

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Sanda, The Girl with the Magic Smile, by Sabina Mugassa Bingman is the perfect gift for adventurous young children who are interested in exploring their own culture. The children’s book describes Sanda’s experience with the traditional art of teeth-carving on her island home. The energetic young girl learns to embrace her inner beauty and honor the importance of her cultural traditions. This book teaches powerful lessons on self-acceptance to young children.


Healing: The Radical Act of Self-Care, by Dr. Joi Lewis is the perfect gift for the worn-out activist in your life. It can be exhausting to give so much of yourself to causes that can seem endlessly overwhelming, but this book will remind your activist loved one to take a step back and focus on healing themselves before they can heal the world. This book provides a method for reclaiming one’s humanity using both self-care and community care and would make a great gift for your loved one who needs to focus on healing.