Where should you have YOUR book launch party?

Every author loves the idea of a packed book launch party: crowds of eager readers excited to get their hands on your work, loud applause when you enter the room, standing room only. In order to bring that dream to life, you need to think about venue. While bookstores are often assumed to be the best places to hold launch parties, they aren’t always the best fit. Here are a few things to think about when considering where to host your book launch party:

-          Is your fan base large enough and local enough to fill the space of the bookstore you want to use?

-          On the flip side, is the bookstore large enough to host your expected crowd?

-          Bookstores will take a percentage of your sales; can you sell enough books to make it work financially?

-          Are you allowed to provide food and drink in the bookstore?

-          Does your desired time frame for the launch party line up with the bookstore’s policies?

-          How will the bookstore help increase your profits at the event?

These are just a few questions to ask yourself in preparation. You might be wanting to form relationships with bookstores as soon as possible - which is completely understandable - but a bookstore isn’t necessarily the best place for your launch party. After your launch, as a way of promoting your book, you could reach out to stores that are carrying your book and see if you can host a signing event on a smaller scale. But for now, focus on launching your book in a way that is most beneficial to you and your goals as an author.

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