Five Ways to Market Your Book WITHOUT Traveling

One challenge that some of our authors face is wanting to market their book to a wider audience but being unable to travel. This means being unable to attend events, speak about their book to people in person, and/or give talks at schools or other locations.

While this can be a frustrating hindrance, being unable to travel doesn’t mean you don’t have other opportunities to reach out and share your work. Here are a few ways to do this.

-          Remotely teach a class or writing workshop about the topic of your book

-          Host online chats to connect with your audience and answer their questions

-          Video call into classes or other events

-          Start a blog and connect with your audience through your posts

-          Grow your online presence and build a stronger virtual community

Plenty of authors connect with their audience in ways like these even if they are able to travel; no effort is wasted in reaching out to your readers. There are also plenty of other things you can do to market your book without traveling, but these ideas tend to be the most popular, and often the most successful.

Being unable to travel isn’t the end of the world for your book - by adjusting your marketing approach and focusing your attention on what you can do, you’ll figure out the most successful use of your time.