Four Great Gift Books for Mom

Okay last-minute Mother’s Day shoppers: it’s crunch time!

Don’t worry, we understand. It’s hard to find the perfect way to say thank you. No gift can ever fully recognize how much we owe the moms in our lives. But at Wise Ink, we want to make sure moms at all stages of motherhood get the appreciation they deserve and the encouragement they need.

Do you still have to pick up a present for your own mom, or do you know a mom who could use some encouragement but don’t know what to get her? If you’re looking for something more than the cliché bouquet or generic greeting card, what better way to show your appreciation for the mothers in your life than to share your time reading a book with them? These Wise Ink books about mothers and motherhood that are great gift options for all of us looking for a way to say, “Thank you, Mom.”

My Favorite Job is You

An anthem for working mothers everywhere, My Favorite Job Is You takes you on a mother's journey in finding her balance between motherhood and a career. This light-hearted poem serves as encouragement to all mothers rocking their babies to sleep at night and waking up before the sun to do it all over again. Ashley Flynn writes the perfect story to communicate no matter what job Mom does when they’re away, being home is their favorite job!

Sparkle On

No one wants to talk about aging--especially aging women. We're not supposed to bring up the changes to our bodies or lifestyle. We're not supposed to mention the weird food grievances we develop, nor the fact that we can't help but to break wind in yoga. And we're definitely not supposed to be happy about growing older (as though we had a more appealing alternative).

As humorist Kim Kane entered into this strange new era of ''a certain age,'' she had a nagging feeling there was more to aging in our culture than colonoscopies and early bedtimes. She began hosting gatherings of women to discuss important questions about the psychological, social, and physiological changes in the aging experience. And with grace and humor, the truth about aging began to emerge: Aging really just means living. And for that, why should anyone feel anything but gratitude?

Sparkle On touches on everything from fashion choices, to relationships, to grief, and everything in between. There are moments of poignancy and plenty of laughs. And by the end, you'll feel like you've made a friend and joined the ranks of bold, honest women who are aging in gratitude.

Infinite Purpose

Am I on the right path? When your soul grows restless, you might find yourself asking this question, feeling eager to go deeper into the light of your life's purpose. But diving in blindly can lead to more unanswered questions . . .

* Is it crazy to think that my gifts and ideas could make a real difference?

* Am I missing the signs the universe is sending me?

* Why do I keep getting stuck when others seem to be soaring?

Infinite Purpose: Care Instructions for Your True Calling provides clear direction and divine inspiration to jumpstart your own spine-tingling journey to joy and fulfillment. The sacred teachings within, beautifully brought to life by intuitive Liv Lane and artist Lori Portka, reveal a profound eight-step path to purpose. This book will forever change the way you connect to your calling, experience abundance, and create light in the world.

Those Three Words

“You are pregnant.”

Those three words uttered together pack a powerful emotional punch. For many women, hearing them elicits tremendous joy and excitement. They are the start of a dream come true. But those same words said together also cause the opposite reaction—one of panic and despair.

The first time Chris Bauer heard those words, she was just 18 years old, a few weeks into her freshman year of college. She was devastated. She was not ready to be a mother, and she had an agonizing decision to make.

Those Three Words takes readers along on Chris’s emotional journey through the power and importance of choice and the deep bond of maternal love. It is a bittersweet book full of heartache and joy, and a powerful testament to love in all its forms.

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