Five Questions to Help You Establish an Author Brand

Five Questions to Ask Yourself BEFORE Establishing your Author Brand (1).png

The point of marketing is to convince people to buy your book. (Duh!) Some of the best ways to do this is by using social media, events, blogging, and promotions. But it’s more complicated than just that!

* What is your style?

* What is your mission?

* What do you value?

All of these questions go into making a brand and figuring out who you want to portray to the public and how your book fits into that brand.

Here are a few different things to consider about your possible brand and how to incorporate it.

* What is your email address/website address that is available to the public?

o Is your name in it?

o Do you use/check it often?

o Does your audience know about them to be able to reach you?

* What is the content of your website? (if you have one)

o Is the information complete and up to date?

o What other ways can you use them to connect to your audience?

o Does the design of your website match your brand?

* What information is in your author bio?

o Does it market you well?

o How personalized is it and does it sound like you?

o Is it on your website?

* What marketing materials do you have/use?

o Do you have any business cards?

o Do you have any other easy to hand out materials?

o Again, does the design of them represent your brand?

* What social media do you use, if any?

o Are you on it often?

o Do you like to be on it?

o Are you willing to promote yourself on it?

Marketing your book can be as intensive or as relaxed as you want it to be. When you market yourself and your book your sales can be better, and you can reach a wider audience when your name is recognizable. If you are putting yourself out there, people will find you and once they do they can help you spread your name and brand more if they like what they see!