4 Options for Selling Your Book

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When it comes time to sell your book there are several different options out there on how to sell it. The type of store that you want to carry it and how many places you want to try and get it into. There is also the whole issue of figuring out how to sell directly and the best way of doing it that works for you to think of. It is a big decision and step in the process of making your book a reality. For almost all of our authors selling directly is the wisest move whenever possible. It makes you the most money from your books and gets you in contact with your readers to really build the relationship between author and reader. However, a direct only sales plan is not a realistic option as it limits the reach of the book and its availability to new audiences. We recommend having your book for sale in the following ways to optimize your sales reach and profits.

* Sell directly via your website or at live events

o If you can sell directly DO IT! It will make you the most profit per book.

* Sell through amazon as a third-party vendor

o There is less profit from amazon sales, but a wider audience reach

* Use a distribution partner to sell you books

o Distributers can handle mass quantities if you ever want to sell to an institution of any kind. If you don’t start here keep it in mind incase needed in the future.

* Have your book listed as print on demand.

o POD is a great way to have your book listed for sale without having to worry about keeping it in stock, but it will lower the quality of your book and some buyers will pass when they can’t get it right away.

These options will give you the best chances for successful, profitable sales of your book when it comes out. Figure out what works best with your plan and your goals for the book. I know you are sick of hearing it by now but, direct sales are key so figure out what fits with that best for you and your book if you can