Your story is exceptional. Your publishing experience should be, too.

Whether you’re writing a children’s book to give back to your community or help shape young minds, you need a passionate and uniquely smart publishing team to guide you through every step of the way.

Meet Wise Ink.

The experts at Wise Ink have published over 1000 books, working with a wide range of children’s book authors, from mothers and grandparents to educators and spiritual leaders.

We give our authors an unfair edge—simply because we know exactly what it takes to publish books that can truly stand out in a crowded space:

• A strong platform

• Strategic marketing

• Top-notch editing

• Award-winning cover design

• A creative team dedicated to helping you succeed well beyond the book

Working with authors of all stages is our specialty. Whether you know you need a book but don’t quite have a concept yet, or you’re already on your second draft—we’re here to serve as your guide, coach, project manager, and everyone else in between.

We like to partner with authors who share our vision in spreading ideas that matter, and stories that will change lives for the better. That’s why we’re fully committed to bringing forth authors with purpose and books with soul.

You’re a Wise Ink author if…

• You’re writing a children’s book to fill an educational gap in stories for children.

• You want to help shape young minds and tomorrow’s leaders.

• You want to teach children about a new way of being in this world.

If this sounds like you and your project, let’s chat.

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I couldn’t have chosen a better partner to trust with my dream.
— Lisa Harris
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