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You did it! You published your book!

Now what?

If you’ve read Buzz: The Ultimate Guide to Book Marketing, you know our philosophy: find a way to market your books in a way that is enjoyable and meaningful to you, and DO THOSE THINGS!

By popular demand, Wise Ink cofounder Dara Beevas and Wise Ink Marketing Director Roseanne Cheng created Buzz: Book Marketing Made Easy to dive deeper into some of your most burning marketing questions. Listen here or subscribe to the show wherever you listen to podcasts and stay up to date on our answers to all the latest trends in book marketing and beyond.

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Episode 1

In this episode, Dara and Roseanne talk about just what the heck an author platform is, why it’s important, and how you can create a platform that will work for you. Trust us: building your platform is the KEY to selling books!
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Like it or not, Amazon is the biggest bookseller in the world. And it’s here to stay! In this episode, Dara and Roseanne talk about how to make your book stand out among the millions on Amazon.
Links: Author Central, Evergreen Authors.


Any indie author knows the best, most profitable way to sell your book is directly to the customer. In this episode, Dara and Roseanne talk about some unique direct selling strategies that are both organic and sustainable.
Links: Buzz: the Book.